The Joint Air and Missile Exerciser Team has been formed as a result of the findings of JCMD. Attempting to take the tools and lessons learned from the five year JCMD study into the practical world of CM defense, the core team of individuals and hardware has been assembled to aid military organizations with the planning, execution and After Action Review of CM defense surrogate operations. A transportable ROC (Remote Operations Center), complete with real time multi-screen display capability, real time TSPI (Time Speed Position Information) data from onboard GPS data collection systems, multi information platform data converters and various AAR tools are among just a few of the capabilities and services JAMEX can provide. Currently under the direction of Col. Paul McGuire, Director of the US Army’s Air and Missile Battle Lab, this team works out of both Ft. Bliss and Eglin AFB. Ms. Geri Lentz is the Program Director for the JAMEX CM Flight Operations out of Eglin AFB.

SMART-1 Jamex