Aircraft Information


Specifications for the SMART-1 variant of BD5J are a little different than other BD5J variants, we have improved the range, the RCS (Radar Cross Section), thrust and custom avionics to improve safety and reliability, the SMART-1 even has auxillary power for client instruments and tracking packages. The SMART-1 is truly a unique and valuable asset for the military and DoD agencies, the SMART-1 has a nominal RCS of -10 db, tested at the Navy Radar Reflectivity Laboratory, to fully test the sensitivity of client instruments and sensors. As the aircraft is a natural threat representation of a cruise missile target on radar, is manned and has a short turn around time there is no better cruise missile surrogate on the market.

Radar Cross Section Testing
Radar Cross Section Testing Close Up

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  • Manned
  • Long range tank
  • UHF data transmission antenna
  • “Stealth” canopy
  • Transportable by road or air cargo
  • Rapid turn-around times
  • SMART-1 Pre engine start


    N21AP Landing
    Maximum Speed (Sea Level): 250 knots T.A.S. Minimum Speed (Stall) Full Gross Wt.: 72 knots T.O. Distance: 2,500 feet (S.L.) Maximum Range: 325 n.m. (160 knot economy) Dash Range: 240 n.m. (250 knots) Maximum Operating Altitude: 24,000 feet


    Wing Span: 17 feet Length: 12 feet Empty Weight: 465 lbs. Gross Weight: 1,150 lbs. Thrust: 300 lbs.
    Pre Flight Checks
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